Advanced Knowledge & Information Nexus

AKIN is a powerful new information technology platform providing the foundation for several products in development. Below, we have listed several products currently available to consumers and businesses, with more soon to be released.

The AKIN platform has been developed inline with some key goals:
  • Enable next generation high precision data, information, and concept extraction, integration, search and discovery, analysis, and management
  • Demonstrate unprecedented new levels of intelligence, accuracy, and performance.
  • Innovate around new ways to more intelligently manage, access, and harness the exponentially increasing amount of data and information people and systems need to consume, both structured and unstructured.
  • Help businesses and consumers more easily extract early and deep insights from their data.
  • Provide a framework that enables easy and dynamic configuration of the necessary processes and workflows to accomplish your personal and business goals.
  • Integrate easily into a large range of hosting environments including cloud-based solutions.

AKIN Natural Language Processing

The intelligence and performance of AKIN Core has been harnessed and married to an enhanced framework of artificial intelligence and concept modeling to produce our Natural Language Processing API and Modeling UI, which deliver sophisticated detection of concepts, intents, sentiments, commands, requests, queries, etc., in both large text documents and shorter text sentences, phrases, or data fields. A variety of base/native information and concept types are built into the framework for detection, like descriptors, actions, sentiment, numbers, dates, times, units of measure and account, alpha-numeric codes and patterns, and also allows users to define both simple and complex custom entities and relationships. Detection of concepts and their context is highly accurate and efficient. The power of AKIN Core affords our Natural Language Processing the ability to see through a high degree of textual variations and distortions such as multiple ways to represent an idea or word, or mispellings and typos.

This product is still in development Beta stage, but we are close to a technical preview and currently able to demonstrate its abilities to select customers upon request. Click here to learn more about how this API can help solve your business needs.

AKIN Core - Search/Match API

The AKIN Core Search/Match Harness API has been developed to allow businesses to quickly and easily host and harness the power of AKIN's core search/match functionality within their own businesses systems and processes.

Click here to learn more about how this API can help solve your business needs.

Additional business-specific products are also currently in development to compliment this initial release, with the objective of providing a comprehensive suite of components to help businesses accomplish their objectives.

AKIN Advanced Data Analytics & Profiling

The combination of our experience working with very large volume heterogeneous enterprise data systems and the AKIN Core technology converge in the development of a powerful new API to help businesses quickly inspect, analyze, and get a handle on the state of their current data quality.

Click here to learn more about how this API.

AKIN Desktop HyperSearch

A subset of the AKIN platform components have been harnessed into a consumer-based Desktop Discovery product called AKIN Desktop HyperSearch. It demonstrates the core of AKIN's discovery power. In particular, AKIN's ability to see deeply beyond textual variations/distortions that confound other search engines, more accurately and consistently assessing textual/lexical similarity and relevance, so that more often than not, the most similar and relevant results appear first at the top of the results list. Also, it demonstrates AKIN's ability to use domain knowledge bases to enhance semantic interpretation of user searches and data. Additionally, we've included in this product several UI/UX innovations in the way that information and search results are displayed, managed, and navigated.

Click here to learn more about how you can download and try out this product.