Documents sometimes contain unexpected spelling errors. AKIN will help you find these documents and search deep within them with a high degree of tolerance for variations and mispellings.
Fuzzy Fault-Tolerant Content Search
AKIN uses advanced pattern recognition to better approximate the human brain's ability to find items that are similar. AKIN does not require you to know the EXACT words and phrases that make up an item's name. Just type what you remember and you'll be amazed to even find documents you forgot you had.
Fuzzy Fault-Tolerant Name Search and Quick Previews
Have you ever forgotten the name of a contact, or didn't remember how to spell their name? AKIN is like having a personal assistant that just gets what you are trying to say. It is tightly integrated with MS Outlook and will get the contact details for you immediate in the preview window.
Contact Search Variation-Tolerant
Manage the items you find placing them on Sticky Work Surfaces for quick easy access. Dragging an item to the right quickly automatically generates a Sticky Work Surface and all items are drag/drop.
Sticky Work Surfaces
Pulling an item to the left quickly opens a Context Viewer. This provides contextual information about the item and also automatically generates a query for other similar items. So, your first search may find one item, but using that item as the basis of an additional auto-search may find other related items.
Proactive automatic association, search, and retrieval
Instead of switching context to look for related emails or emails FROM/TO some specific person in Outlook, AKIN provides some automatic search features specific to emails. Dragging an email into the left pane generates three queries using that email as a point of reference. It shows emails having a similar subject or topic, other emails FROM the sender of the reference email, and other emails TO that sender.
Auto-generated queries