The Premier Desktop Search
Sound Familiar?
Long ago, you or a former colleague named a document
and now you don't remember its name or where it's stored.

You type some search words into a search application,
but don't find what you are looking for.

You try typing fewer and/or shorter words or word fragments,
and either get nothing, or a large list to dig through.

If you had used AKIN Desktop HyperSearch in the first place,
you would have been surprised by how quickly it found your
information, even if what you typed wasn't exactly right.

Discover Intelligence
With most desktop search engines,
when you enter text that isn't exactly right,
you'll get zero items found.
With AKIN HyperSearch, regardelss of whether
you are exactly right, AKIN uses powerfull pattern
recognition along with all the text you give it to
find similar things. AKIN has deep intelligence.
Ever had a hard time finding a difficult contact name? Just type what you remember:
When searching inside documents, have you ever wished that the search would just understand
what you meant, and look for similar things?
Filtering search results is just as easy and intelligent
... or use the easy visual filter dialog
Use smart "*" syntax
i.e. *word = .doc, .dot, .docx, .dotx, etc.
"Simple, elegant, stress free interface" ... it's time to put some intelligence back into your computer
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