AKIN Natural Language Processing API

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AKIN NLP Overview

The intelligence and performance of AKIN Core has been harnessed and married to an enhanced framework of artificial intelligence and concept modeling to produce our Natural Language Processing API and Modeling UI, which deliver sophisticated detection of concepts, intents, sentiments, commands, requests, queries, etc., in both large text documents and shorter text sentences, phrases, or data fields. A variety of base/native information and concept types are built into the framework for detection, like descriptors, actions, sentiment, numbers, dates, times, units of measure and account, alpha-numeric codes and patterns, and also allows users to define both simple and complex custom entities and relationships. Detection of concepts and their context is highly accurate and efficient. The power of AKIN Core affords our Natural Language Processing the ability to see through a high degree of textual variations and distortions such as multiple ways to represent an idea or word, or mispellings and typos.

Examples of Usage Industries & Scenarios

  • Medicine
  • Law & Government
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Product Management
  • Enterprise Compliance
  • Intelligent Search & Discovery
  • Surveys & Profiling

Usage Examples (Code)

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