Comprehensive Solutions

  • Microsoft Azure Data Migration and Integration

    More and more companies are realizing the value of moving their data to the cloud. Large strides in data security, disaster recovery, scalability, integration, cost savings, usability, automation, and collaboration have made cloud data storage an extremely good return on investment. At Grapple Data some of our engineers and architects participated in the early designs of MS Azure, know it intimately, and can handhold you through the process of migration, integration, best-practices, and custom azure-based services, interfaces, and applications. We can help make your move to the cloud efficient and smooth.
  • Needs Assessment & Recommendation (Understanding the Business)

    Frequently, we find that internal IT organizations are under such high pressure to juggle day to day operations and deliver new solutions on time, that they are rarely able to put together coherent and comprehensive requirements specifications for key projects and solutions that could dramatically improve the business.

    It's common that no one person understands the whole problem or picture, and different areas of the business may not be collaborating or communicating well, which means the business actually doesn't really know what it wants or needs. The different areas of the business may find themselves competing rather than working together for the greater good of the business as a whole. This causes the creation of project specifications that often only tell part of the story and may not be as beneficial to the business as they could be. Even worse, they may actually promote more discord and resentment, as well as make it extremely difficult to adequately set stakeholder expectations and put together realistic budget estimates internally, or to request them from external vendors.

    GDT has extensive experience successfully working with large fortune 50 companies providing accurate large scale project requirements assessment and recommendations. We can help businesses to bridge the gap between the different areas of their business and their IT departments, to develope a more comprehensive and accurate picture that makes it much easier to make key strategic technology decisions.

  • Technology Assessment & Architecture

    Once the right needs of the business have been identified, its essential to have a good understanding of the strengths and limitations of currently available technologies, as well as new technologies on the horizon.

    Businesses today face the ever increasing challenges of a more rapidly changing technology environment, as well as the exponential proliferation of information that must be sifted, analyzed, tested, and curated. It's extremely important to hire people with the requisite years of experience to do the work of separating the wheat from the chaff, seeing through the hype, doing rapid prototyping and testing, and help you make critical technology decisions and selection. If existing solutions don't adequately cover the business requirements, its also essential to have a good grasp on what it might take to custom build or extend a solution internally so that the cost/benefit can be weighed with high degree of precision.

    GDT has decades of experience evaluating existing technologies, as well as architecting and building large scale complex custom solutions for some of the largest enterprises. Our experience translates directly into more accurate estimates.

  • Project, Program, and Development Management & Mentoring

    While GDT does not specialize in large scale staffing solutions, we do provide specialized Project, Program, and Development Management consulting. Businesses frequently find it useful to use different resource providers within a project, for example, separating the provider of Assessment, Architecture, and High Level Management services consultants from the provider of the actual engineering services staff. This helps keep projects honest, consistent, unbiased, and on-track. GDT Conslutants have a distinguished industry track record for successful managment, mentoring, and delivery under highly ambiguous and challenging project environments.

  • Software Design & Development

    Sometimes the custom software, platform, or code modules that need to be developed are of such an extremely complex nature, that it is very difficult to find and staff software engineers with adequate experience to confidently deliver the required code. With extensive experience building Enterprise level global software products, and custom solutions, GDT specializes in designing some of the most sophisticated and intelligent custom software solutions for enterprises, covering the full stack in areas of Data/Information Management, Integration, Analysis, Processing, Workflows, and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. We also have extensive experience with extremely large scale data processing in both cloud and on-premises hosting environments.

Grapple Data can be instrumental to your businesses IT success.

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